Believe in your kid!

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Awaken the Genius in Your Child
Tauraso and Batzler

The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale was the 1950s answer to self-help. It has been recycled through books like The Secret (2006) and a host of other self help gurus. This basic philosophy is about have a mental attitude where one expects good things to happen and that energy will be transformed into actual good things. This book takes that philosophy to children and parents. I see some serious problems as a parenting philosophy and the amount of guilt that might fall on parents and kids.  I keep thinking this is the parenting version of this book. You will have great kids if you just BELIEVE it and wish only positive outcomes.

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      1. I think she’s levitating. Or being sucked up by an alien tractor beam.

        The parenting philosophy reminds me of a Simpsons’ Halloween episode where Ned Flanders rules a dystopian future- everyone must be relentlessly chip-diddly-chipper or face Re-Neducation.

  1. The way that little girl is dressed, I thought the book was from the ’40’s or ’50’s. I did a double-take when I saw the publication date.

  2. In fairness to the “power of positive thinking,” the result of looking at things positively is that you will tend to subjectively interpret things in a better light or look for things to be happy about, not that it “causes” the objective universe to treat you better. This can lead to a happier life, not because better things are happening to you, but because you feel better about things that happen in general.

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