Autoharp Songbook

autoharp songbook

The Youngheart Autoharp Songbook
Scelsa, Millang, Koch, Blackley

This was submitted by email, so to be fair I haven’t actually laid eyes on the actual book. I’m not sure I need to.

Songbooks are actually pretty popular in my library, although I’ve never had a run on requests for autoharp songbooks. On the one hand, I can see how this is unique and there might not be much else out there. On the other hand, it’s old and kind of corny and taking up valuable shelf space.

Is the brown thing on the cover an acorn? What does an acorn have to do with anything? What does any of that have to do with anything?? Do they represent the songs in the book? For example, is “This Old Man” in the book, and that’s why there’s a dog with a bone? Are these children’s songs? I have so many questions! Submitter, please enlighten us in the comments.

I guess if you have a bluegrass or folk music-loving patron base, you might have a reason to keep this in your library. This one looks like it’s in pretty good shape for 35 years in circulation, so maybe it wasn’t very well-used.




  1. The dad on the back cover is contemplating ” going out for cigarettes” and not coming back.

  2. I think the brown thing is a mushroom, but am not positive. But I still can’t say what it has to do with anything.

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