Dating under a dollar

Cheap Dates

Dating for Under a Dollar

Thanks to a submitter for this wonderful book. This is probably shelved right next to the “be cool” book posted earlier! Can you imagine how a young lady must feel if this is featured prominently in a some guy’s personal library? The poor couple on the front looks like they spent all the money they have on hair products and valium. Great idea for content, but seriously lacking in execution!

Music Activities for Retarded Children

After crafts, how about a few songs?

Music Activities for retarded children
a handbook for teachers and parents

Another ALB spy sent this lovely book to us. Think of it as a companion title to the crafts book! Thankfully, it has been weeded from the collection. Last time I checked WorldCat, this book was in university collections and a few large public libraries, which is probably appropriate for this title. I also must confess it took me quite a while to realize that is some kind of bird on the cover.

What to do when the Russians come

Break out the borscht!

What to do when the Russians come
A survivor’s guide

Completing our trifecta of red scare material,  here is a great book describing how you too can survive the occupation of the Soviets.  This particular book needs to be in an archive since it really does capture the hysteria of the cold war.  (Did you notice one of the author’s name?)  I wonder if these guys thought about a second edition after 1989?