over-coming clumsiness cover

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

Over-coming Clumsiness
Physical dexterity for people who thought is was impossible
Chandler and Eisen

I think this is one of the oddest books I have seen lately.  I don’t even know how I found it in the catalog.  (Clumsy is hardly a common keyword search) The title and and the back jacket don’t do this title justice.  It is a combination of Tai Chi and the power of positive thinking.  What did concern me is that clumsiness is also a possible medical symptom and yet this book does nothing to address this issue.  (The owning library at least located this in 152’s and not in health.)  The average patron though, might not make a distinction with the Dewey numbers.

I have included the back cover and some interior pages.  Enjoy the fun and try not to fall down…


His Girl Friday

How To Run a School Newspaper

If this was the 70’s, this is an excellent choice for a maybe a school or even a public library under the right circumstances.  Of course there is nothing about computers or electronic information.  There is an excellent style guide and the book looks like a useful reference tool.  In 2010 though, it is just a curiosity from a bygone era.  Did you notice that Ms. Goldberg had a bit about her husband in HER biography.  Hmmm.