Atomic Bomb 101

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How to make an atomic bomb in your own kitchen (well, practically)

I know all you science nerds are looking for new recipes. How about an atomic bomb? Published in the early 1950s, this is a simple explanation about atomic energy. Written is a light tone, this book is for complete novices trying to wrap their brain about the new world of atomic energy.

Although I couldn’t find out much about Bob Bale other than what was included on the book, he is not a scientist. He was a motivational speaker and sales consultant. Not sure that it qualifies him as a science author, but it did make it quite readable.



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  1. I think one of the more important writerly tasks is explaining complex subjects in terms that can, in the old Church of England Prayerbook phrase, “be understanded of the people.” And since Ball tells us up front that he’s not a scientist, I think this book, though it may not be up to date, is rather laudable.

    1. You’re right! He should write one about alternative energy and one about climate change so it can be “understanded”!

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