At the Butt End of a Rainbow


At the Butt End of a Rainbow and Other Irish Tales

​Submitter: Oh fine, inevitable commenters. Rant about the literary and cultural value of the contents (which I didn’t bother to scan because … really) and the shallowness of judging a book by its cover (and title). But really, what will our patrons do?  And I swear I’ve seen that horse’s world weary expression on some older 1980s actress. It’s bugging me.

​Holly: That’s exactly what our patrons will do!  Once again, if it works in your library or you can’t find/afford anything better, by all means keep it.  Your patrons will have a great time making fun of the title and cover.


  1. Well, if there’s a newer edition I’d say get it. Fairy tales aren’t exactly something that go “out of date.”

    However, I’d like to speak to the cover artist. Mermen are suppose to have TWO tails. Just like if they had legs, but with scales and fins. They’re also suppose to be hideously ugly. That’s why mermaids love human men so much, because men of their own species could make Quasimodo look like a cover model for GQ.

  2. I was wondering something similar about the merman, and not only that is what exactly is he doing with his hand? Almost like a trip and he’s watching his hand to see what funky colors come about as he waves it.. Or he’s squishing the head of the kid.. Dunno man, some books those days lol

  3. I think it’s the follow up to Eat Pray Love and Committed… ;0

    The auther has found the end of the rainbow, the pot of gold and is now conversing with other mythical creatures that have it all but yet proceed to be miserable about it all 😉

  4. Even beyond the, um, heinous title, I daresay this cover art would drive me off, even if this was the only book in the library on the subject: “Join our friends the Seasick Stoner Merman, the Diabolical Fiddler, Lady Gwenhwyfar the Ghoulish Pict, The Most Dour-Looking Horse in the World, and the Irish Fisher-Boy who for some reason stole Great-Granny’s cloche hat from the 1920s.”

  5. Could the older actress of which you speak be Olympia Dukakis? I see a distinct similarity…

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