Assroom Classroom

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2015 Release
Classroom in a Book

Submitter: I swear we didn’t do this on purpose. Also, I’ve taken to singing the title of this series (Classroom in a Book) to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell anytime I refer to it. Now that’s stuck in your head, too!

Holly: Ha ha! I love these little sticker mishaps. Just a half-inch to the left and it wouldn’t have obstructed the CL in Classroom. It’s a perfectly fine book. Keep it. Even passive-aggressively leave the sticker in place if you like. I would.



  1. The sticker placement reminds me of the Bass Pro store in my area. From the view when you enter the interstate, the chimney of the building occludes the B and the sign reads ass Pro.

  2. Our cataloger would never have allowed this to happen. She wont let anyone label the books, and she has made it an art to handcraft labels to a perfect fit.

  3. It reminds me of the advertisement for Giant Glass that used to be behind the plate at Fenway Park. Alas, after a year or two they changed the placement so that the GL wasn’t blocked by the stance of every right handed batter.

  4. The classroom in the book, the classroom in the book, high-ho library-o, the classroom in the book!

    1. I enjoyed this very much, thank you! (Although I may not be saying that three days from now when I can’t get it out of my head…)

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