Arm Wrasslin’

arm wrestling

Armwrestling: How to Become a Champion

Submitter: I suppose the images speak for themselves.

Holly: What does one have to do to become an official armwrestling referee? And why are the contestants wearing referee shirts?  I’m fascinated by the history of Chinese armwrestling.  Sucks to be the loser with a bamboo pin cushion in your arm!  This book isn’t hurting anything, I guess, but it’s an easy weeder if you’re strapped for space.  Anyone care to enlighten us on the changes in armwrestling over the last 33 years?

arm wrestling


  1. another example of the “we have to have something on every topic” mindset. i’m reminded of the comic strip unshelved where that way of thinking leads them to buy a copy of “how to draw your mother eating soup”

  2. Oddly, I don’t think professional armwrestling hairstyles have changed much throughout the ages. Over the top!

  3. So THIS is what refs do on days off! Ever seen that Stallone movie ‘Over the Top’? Good example of professional arm-wrestling…maybe.

  4. I also used to think of armwrestlers as that lumberjackish, redneckish thing.

    But then I saw a documentary movie from Sweden called “the Armwrestleress from Solitute” featuring a lovely lady from this tiny village who is training and winning the armwrestler’s world championship.

    Ditch that old and crummy book, and buy this movie instead!