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how to win the youth game with plastic surgery title page

How To Win in the Youth Game: The Magic of Plastic Surgery
Wagner and Gould

Ah, the fountain of youth! Now available at your local surgeon’s office. Plastic surgery of course is a worthy topic for any health collection, but 1972’s information is probably not going to be a good choice. I did snag this from a university library, so I am assuming that this particular tome fills a collection need somewhere.

For the time, it is actually a pretty good discussion of the surgery and appropriate to a lay audience. They featured quite a few procedures, with before and after photos. Every time I am looking at before or after pictures, even of modern procedures, I usually can’t tell the difference. At least they are not over-selling the fountain of youth possibilities by showing unrealistic results. You will also get a kick out of the prices listed.

Something this old should be immediately taken from a contemporary health collection and moved to an archive if necessary.

Now smile and look pretty!



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  1. I know that’s not a price tag on that woman’s head, but it kinda looks like one.

    Btw, the last two pictures are identical.

  2. Nothing says “magical” like pain, needles, stitches, and basically having your face carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

  3. I definitely understand the importance of surgery for people with serious injuries or deformities, but it always made me feel a little weird when done just for “pretty”.

    But yea out of date medical and publication standards.

  4. Don’t just love prices? Surgery for under $500. That’s probably what a plastic surgeon would charge for looking you over and telling what he could do. Also note the perament look of surprise on the woman. I’d take the wrinkles, thank you.

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