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myspace safety

MySpace Safety
51 Tips For Teens and Parents
Farnham and Farnham

It’s been a while since I came across a MySpace book in the wild. I have a feeling I am probably the first one to check this book out in over a decade. Aside from the less than inspiring cover, this book probably did an adequate job explaining the basic security and privacy concerns. Why it is still hanging out in a public library collection is beyond me. This is one of those obvious weeds. Even if your particular service population is all about MySpace, I doubt this book from 2006 is any help.

I did take a peek at MySpace and it doesn’t even resemble the MySpace of 2006. The content now focuses on the entertainment industry. I tried searching for my old account, but I think it is gone to time. Also, I can’t remember what I did with mine. I only made an account to show people how to set up an account. Oh well. I guess I can’t call my friend Tom anymore.


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  1. I love the episode of 30 Rock/Secret Santa where they make fun of social media:
    a mash up of MySpace and FaceBook called YouFace. (chortle and snort).

  2. And it’s hilarious this one explanation MySpace gives:

    Where Is All My Old Stuff? We completely rebuilt Myspace and decided to move over some of your content from the old Myspace.

    What’s available? Photos Friends: Where are my photos?
    We’ve transferred photos over for all classic/old Myspace accounts. You can find them in the Mixes section of your profile. Think of a Mix as a photo album. Click on each Mix to edit and see more images.

    *If you don’t see any photos, that means your old account was not synced to your new Myspace. Try doing a search to see if you can locate your old Myspace account. Unfortunately, if you cannot locate your old profile we will be unable to assist with retrieval since the old Myspace was never transferred to the new Myspace.

    Friends are now referred to as connections. You can visit connections to see who you have connected to and who has connected to you.
    LOL! Connections; what’s next. encounters? hook-ups? happenings? (Social Media in the late 60s?)

    1. Where Is All My Old Stuff? […]

      On top of that, MySpace straight-up lost tons of old content years ago in a botched server migration.

  3. FOT: friend of Tom. Are they a friend of Tom? (is their social media platform defunct?)

    Alas poor (insert name here) I knew them well:
    Yik Yak / Friendster / Friends Reunited

  4. I managed to avoid MySpace entirely.

    I swear computer books need to be weeded even more often than medical ones.

  5. Proofreading wasn’t great with this one. “Five Levels of Safety” has inconsistent indenting before _and after_ the list numbers, number 2: “The risk can is much further reduced…”.

  6. I would have thought that it was common sense that “common sense” didn’t need quotes, but I guess I would have been wrong.

    1. If only common sense was common: I guess that’s why it’s “common sense”.
      The safety lesson therefore needed to be called “safety lessons”.
      Remember “common sense” when you “withdraw this book”.
      Use those “safety lessons” when you “dispose of this book”.

  7. I actually had to run to Urban Dictionary to find out what the hell “Friend of Tom” meant. And I’m a Gen Xer.

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