Are you a blob?

i feel like a blob

Sometimes I Feel Like a Blob

Are you a Christian teen looking for answers? Are you a blob? This devotional is for you. As devotionals for teens go, this isn’t too bad. There is a lot less judgment in this book compared to many we have featured on this site, especially considering it was published in the mid 1960s. Too bad there is poop emoji on the cover.


back cover

he's a nice person...

i can't work up any steam

i have more troubles than anyone

I've gone too far


  1. Nobody has commented yet? No wonder this poor book feels like a blob.
    I agree that the content is fairly decent but the cover is very unatractive. Similar, more recent books are out there. Let this one have a quiet retirement.

  2. The blob on the cover looks very hairy and eerily similar something my one of my cats coughed up. But without the eyes, thank goodness.

  3. I quite liked the statement “THAT is a talent I think the Lord would just as soon have you bury.”

  4. The content may be less judgy then other Christian self help books from that time period, but it doesn’t offer any sort of advice as to where to go for help other then prayer. Weed!

  5. Page 77 Blob. That’s a picture of me nearly every afternoon at work. I see no harm…

  6. Anyone know what “Executive Dinner Clubs” were? I’m thinking a motivational/fraternal group?

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