Answer the Phone!

answer the phone

Answer the Phone

I have a feeling that if this came across my weeding list, I would probably have a minor freak out at how “new” it looks. Weeding books for some 20 odd years, I am constantly surprised by how quickly time goes and I am always saying “Didn’t I just buy that?”

Telecommunications has changed so much and this book, as new as it looks, is woefully out of date. (Cords? What’s that about?) I am thinking that the average kid probably doesn’t even know any kind of phone technology other than smartphones. However, for the time, this book was a good purchase and explained the technology involved pretty well.

Yet another awful library book that is making me realize how old I am. I think I am now one phone upgrade from railing at the world to get off my lawn.


back cover how a phone works pick up the receiver history of the telephone industry


  1. Yeah, I hear you. My son came across a rotary dial phone at a collectibles store, and I had to demonstrate how to work the dial.

  2. Looking at the “Titles in this Series” blurb on the back cover, I think the only ones that might still be relevant are “Bite Into an Apple”, “Flick a Switch”, and “Turn on the Faucet”… and I’m not sure about the apple one.

  3. What’s the difference between “Bite into an Apple” and “Open a Newspaper”? They both are muscle motions? Or should it be “Read a Newspaper” and talk about the publishing industry?

  4. Why do they have a children’s book called Start the Car? Last thing we need is some child reading it and taking the car out for a spin.

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