Another Smokin’ Hot Read

Common Sense About Smoking coverCommon Sense About Smoking
Fletcher, Cole, Jeger and Wood

The cover was the first the first thing I noticed. You can just tell those folks on the cover are truly enjoying a cig break. Don’t they look happy? That pesky lung cancer notwithstanding, the truth is cigs will age you into an awful mess.

For the time, this book is on target. US Surgeon General issued the big warning in 1964. By 1970, cigarette ads were banned from TV. I think we can safely retire this gem.

I will be smokin’ in the boys room if anyone needs me,


Common Sense About Smoking back cover

Social implications of smoking

How to stop smoking


  1. Well, I –for one — would never have thought to compare smoking to nose rings. What more can one say?

    1. Not in the UK. Keep in mind that in 1963 Penguin was primarily a British publisher and the back cover blurb itself indicates that Britons were the target of the book.

  2. The people on the cover remind me of a PSA poster I used to see as a teenager. The smoker on it (I was told it was a woman, but I had thought otherwise) had the same “smoker’s face” – saggy jowls, premature wrinkles and crow’s feet – and underneath the smoker was the phrase SMOKING IS VERY GLAMOROUS.

  3. I guess those boys didn’t read “Latawnya, The Naughty Horse, Learns to Say “No” to Drugs”

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