Another Shy Librarian

coverWhen the Lights Go Down

As we continue to celebrate National Library Week, we invite you to try some fiction featuring librarians.

Oh no! Our shy librarian wakes up for her 31st birthday and she decides she is going to change.  What does that mean? It means calling in VIRGIN, I mean sick, to her library.   This self-made Cinderella changes her hair, clothes and heads out to the very cool, very chic, club The Hot Spot.  This is where she meets ultra sexy Ethan who is about to change her life and unleash her inner wild librarian.  I think he’s going to “check her out” and possibly un-jam her printer, if you know what I mean!

Read it and find out!


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Pages 10 and 11


  1. There was once a contest for a “change – of – career” for a librarian or library worker that I applied for on one of the television channels and it turned out that the mousy libraian they chose was turned into a sexy bartender at a Texas bar. Maybe they read these books.

  2. Why do librarians get to have all the fun? Where’s the library clerks? The library pages? The volunteers? Members of Friends Of The Library? We need some wild times too!

  3. Does an Emergency Beauty Technician require a special certification? Do they drive in EBT vehicles with pink
    light bars? Should we be pulling over for them?

  4. I would add graduate/faculty assistants to Jami’s list there for those of us in academic libraries who are not librarians. This line was totaly hilarity: “I think he’s going to “check her out” and possibly un-jam her printer…” If only I could get my printer jammed everytime I have to deal with an unjammed one. 😉

  5. Did they have to make her a beautiful THIRTY ONE year old virgin? Seems rather implausible. Even dropping her age by five years or so would have worked better, but I guess these type of potboiler stories aren’t really meant to be thought about too much… Just goes to show there’s a book for everything, I guess.

  6. Chris… good one! “I need a police escort! There is an eyebrow emergency ten minutes away!”

  7. @Bill – We actually had a discussion about virgins over on and several older ladies revealed they were virgins. So not implausible at all. Some women don’t feel the need to spread their legs just because everyone else says they should.

  8. 2005 isn’t that long ago, so why don’t I know what she changed into? What are “cotton tunics” that she felt were out of date? I know what a tunic is, but she pulled on “tunics” plural and only tunics with her shoes.
    So, she alters her appearance, goes to a “club,” picks up a strange guy, goes home with him, loses her virginity… but has to lie to do it?
    There is a word for a woman like that!

  9. Jami–Just because it happens doesn’t make it likely. In 1988, 72.6% of 18-19 year old girls had had sex (the data I found was comparing 2002 to 1988, and if the main character in the book was 31 in 2005, she’d have been 14 in 1988, so it’s close). Using 2002 data, more than 90% have had sex by age 23. The percentage of women over 30 who have not had sex is under 2%, although it’s close to 10% for unmarried women (which suggests, to me at least, that if you haven’t had sex by 23, you’re probably waiting until you’re married, since those are both at about 90%).

    So there’s about a 2% chance that any random 31 year old woman is a virgin. Not really very likely.

  10. But, everybody knows that librarians are dull, quiet people who wouldn’t go clubbing or attend any other social activity where there was a danger of losing one’s virginity…

    Ah, yes, the prejustice still holds.
    I remember at library school, we learned the 10% rule, which is, 90% of all library students are very quiet – and the last 10% has to tilt the statistics back to normality. This turned out to be true, and I have never partied harder than those years, with my bunch of fellow students!

  11. I love that the author of this book thinks a librarian, in 2005 no less, is using a PHONE BOOK to get information.

    Also, “downtown Georgetown” makes me laugh! There is no such thing. If this author knew anything at D.C., there’s also no way she’d 1.) have to look in the phone book for a boutique — the stores are LINED with them, and 2.) go to a club in Georgetown. A bar, sure, but “clubs” in Georgetown? I think I can think of ONE.

  12. I like the timeline for losing one’s virginity although mine would have been measured in years with numerous failed attempts. In fact, the timeline would never have fit on the back of a book.

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