Angry People Doing Drugs

Drugs & Anger cover


Drugs and Anger

Submitter: Extremely unpopular and cringe-worthy to read, ‘Drugs and Anger’ has it all. Featuring an abundance of stock photos and the youth of yesterday, this book is unwanted in our library. I cannot imagine anyone signing out this book, and they haven’t! For at least NINE YEARS. The red-tinted portrait [on the cover] is amazing. Take a look at these [pictures below].

Holly: There are so many weird “just say no” books out there. They all seem to have weird stock photos and the worst possible choice right on the cover. Are kids scared straight anymore?

Boy punching wall

(Above) Submitter: I love these stock photos. (ALSO how old is this person getting mad about drugs? 12?)

smoking and drinking to fit in
(Above) Submitter: This is just a mess.

Nelson Mandela
(Above) Submitter: Nelson Mandela????? “Good anger”??

Mind Reading
(Above) Submitter: “MIND READING”


  1. The caption under the Mandela photo explains that he turned his anger to doing righteous deeds instead of self-destruction. Can’t you dig that ?

    1. Good spotting! If they really update this book every two years, I hope they managed to remember to update Mandela’s photo’s caption–Jacob Zuma would be sad!

  2. other stock photos not appearing:
    * this rice cooker was used to make methamphetamines for this mother holding a cordless telephone
    * a man and his angry golden retriever going fishing…for a quick fix
    * after their mother became an angry cocaine addict, these seven kittens were forced to share this one sock drawer

  3. Good Anger: Telling someone calmly, “I did not like it when you called me that word. It hurt my feelings and made me upset.”
    Bad Anger: Telling that person “I am going to murder you in your sleep tonight so you will never call me that word again.”, even if when it is said calmly. *Especially* when it is said calmly.
    Conclusion: Good anger is the much less fun version of bad anger. 🙂

  4. This is what’s left in the school library after all the new “legalizing marijuana” books get stolen….sigh!

  5. Aha! I’m going to write the next absolutely nescessary book for all libraries to have: Rugs and Danger! It will have stock photos of senior citizens tripping (bad trip?) on area rugs…

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