Angry Cool Kids

Drugs and Anger

Without a doubt, drugs and other substance abuse materials for kids is an eternal gold mine of laughs for ALB. So we have another drugs are bad book for your consideration. The title Drugs and Anger first made me ask: Maybe they are taking the wrong drugs? And then there is that snappy, oh-so-subtle graphic for the cover and my first thought was I hope they didn’t waste the stuff out of the bottle.  Rounding out the problems are the insipid captions on photos that are laughable. Weed it and don’t look back.

How about some nice cocktails instead?


Using drugs can make you lose control

Trying to fit in


Getting into fights

Not a good way to deal with stress and anger

Write down your feelings


  1. I don’t find anything to laugh at. It seems fine to me. Dated though and still needs weeding.

  2. Idk about losing control. The kid in the first picture looks like he’s lying in wait for someone to come along so he can punch them.

  3. This book brings to mind the Hunter S. Thompson quote “I hate to advocate the use of alcohol, drugs, violence or insanity, but they have always worked for me.”

    1. It’s even weirder. Looking at it, it seems that she’s sucking on an unlit cigarette while reaching for a can of beer. To how alluring both smoking *and* drinking are. At LITERALLY the same time.

  4. It’s weird that the authors of this book think that teenagers won’t know the words “denial” or “awareness.”

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