Angel a Day

Angel a Day Crafting

Crafting an Angel a Day
Scott, ed.

If you are a fan of rather weird looking or cartoon-like angels, this book might be for you. There is a wide variety of angel themed crafts. I am not a fan of these types of decorations, but I know a lot of people like this stuff. What I did like about this book were the instructions. The skills required were not ridiculous like some of the books we have featured. Good craft books are really about instruction. This one is better than most. Depending on condition, this might work fine for your collection.

1 or two angels for the Christmas tree, perfectly fine at my house. Any more than that, especially given how these angels look, and I am going to have a problem. If I had to craft an angel a day, I would probably have to be medicated.

One more thing, if you notice the top of the front cover it has the publication house called House of White Birches. (Sorry, the photo sort of makes that difficult to see.) My husband and I read that as “House of White B!tches”. This is what happens when your eyesight starts to fade.

Not your angel,


back cover

angel bear

angel statue

angel switch plate

angel switch plate

angel sweatshirt


  1. Does anyone remember the late 1980s and early 1990s when older Christian women of any racial group wore ‘Guardian Angel’ pins on their jackets or at the neck of their dark, floral print dresses?

    this book seems to be a spill-over from that time. Actually, some of the craft projects wouldn’t be bad for older children if the wings were left off.
    I’m quite fond of the bear with the big, red and white bow. It’ looks like his face is made from a spray painted soup can lid.

    I suppose I can’t talk. I’m planning on making owls from toilet paper cores and craft paper for Halloween.

    1. I do remember those guardian angel pins, and I still see people wearing them, or stores selling them, occasionally, believe it or not.

    2. I agree the bear bow is kind of clever. The rest of it takes me back to the 1990s when crafty country was the decor of the moment and everything had visible stitching. Overall the designs look dated.

  2. There sure are a lot of specific product brand names ™ in there.

    Anyone who made all of these needs help.

    That switchplate is going to fall apart very quickly, and then how do you reassure your kid when their guardian angels are in pieces on the floor? Also, it lists “tacky craft glue”. I didn’t know the tacky crafts used special glue. *rimshot*

    This *might* still be a winner in certain areas if it was to local taste and there wasn’t money for a replacement.

    @Thipu: My mother had a bunch of those. No floral print dresses though. Let’s just say they weren’t among the jewelry I kept.

    I think the bear’s head is made from an entire can. How cuddly.

    @Mary: My eyes do things like that too nowadays.

    Is it (completely) wrong I thought “Yeah… that might fit with these crafts”? Particularly with their specific idea of what “flesh tone” is.

  3. I kind of like the teddy bear. It looks like how the earliest incarnations of the Cabbages Patch Kids must have been designed.

  4. Given how painfully over-posed that cover photo is, you’d think someone would have noticed that she’s about to cut her fingers off. No wonder that poor woman needs so many angels.

  5. The big snowman on the cover is pretty cute except for the cow on his head. That pushes him into WTF territory.

    @Molly: Presumably her thumb is underneath the paper. For a little while; a few more snips and it’s gone too.

    I just pictured her in her house, which is entirely covered with angels and she keeps making more, and we see all this on an episode of “Criminal Minds” or something like that, and some of the angels aren’t made from craft supplies…

      1. Let’s just say that your experiences with the obsessive differ greatly from mine — one of which did involve the FBI.

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