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The Osmonds coverThe Osmonds

I figured if Holly got to have her teen crush featured, then equal time should be allowed for mine.  I Couldn’t find any Bobby Sherman (does anyone else of my age group remember him?) or David Cassidy biographies for kids in my local catalog, but David did pen a memoir in 1994 called  C’mon Get Happy: Fear And Loathing On The Partridge Family Bus and another book in 2007 called Could it be forever?: My Story. I am a sucker for the “where are they now” books and intend to catch up on hunky David’s life.  Donny didn’t have the status of Bobby or David in my teen crush lineup, but he does have idol status among my peers.  Why this particular public library felt the need to hang on to this kid biography for more than 30 years past the prime Osmond years, I guess we will never know.  The art for the whole book is just awful even for 1976.  Just bad illustrations and no photos of our “boys”.  Here is the entry on Donny and some other illustrations.  The giant “mouth”.  Really?  I also have included back cover which I am still trying to figure out.  It looks like an outline of the of the state of Idaho on the back cover.  Who didn’t know that the Osmonds are all from Utah? Enjoy the flashback and stay groovy everyone!



Weird mouth picture

Rock 'n Pop Stars


  1. I totally remember Bobby Sherman. My babysitter gave me his album – I’m gonna guess she’d outgrown him at that point – and I loved him. ‘There’s a little cloud inside my brain and I think I’m gonna, think I’m gonna rain’

    Good times.

    Also I loved the Donny and Marie show. I made my mom buy me purple socks.

  2. As a survivor of latent Monkeemania (they resurfaced in 1996, we discovered them in 1997), I remember this one episode where Davy faced off against Bobby Sherman.

    As for the Osmonds, I just think of teeth. Scary, super-white, teeth. Cassidy’s pretty frightening as well. Just my opinion. 🙂

  3. I grew up on reruns so I’m sure I saw these guys at some point – and I don’t remember them ever dressing like 1970s Elvis.

  4. I still have a Donny Osmond doll in the attic somewhere. FYI, he is slightly bigger than Ken Doll (TM) and does not fit into Ken’s clothes. Once his purple jumpsuit got worn to shreds, I dressed him in clothes fashioned out of Kleenex and Scotch Tape. 🙂

  5. I do remember Bobby Sherman – “Here Come The Brides” wasn’t it? My grandmother bought me his album for Christmas in 1970. But I’d have to say out of all the teen idols of the early 70s, Donny was my favorite! I couldn’t even guess how many pairs of purple socks I had after finding out that was all he wore. As a matter of fact, when he was on Dancing With the Stars a couple of season ago, I went out and bought more purple socks in support!

  6. Donny was my teen idol, but I definitely remember Bobby Sherman, too — who of our vintage could forget that classic tv series, “Here Come the Brides”?!

  7. A friend sent me a link to this post because we were just talking about the Osmonds the other day and I feel compelled to comment because I’m baffled. Why does that last graphic show an outline of IDAHO??? I must know!

  8. I think the mouth from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is eating the Osmonds….that’s why they haven’t had a hit in a while….

  9. The psychedelic splendor! I’m transported back to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and both parks: Itchykoo and MacArthur.

  10. I remember a volume in this series about the Beatles. I didn’t find it nearly as compelling as Nicholas Schaffner’s BEATLES FOREVER or Roy Carr and Tony Tyler’s THE BEATLES: AN ILLUSTRATED RECORD.

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