Ancient Chinese Science

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Wonders of Ancient Chinese Science

Submitter: The juvenile nonfiction section at my public library hasn’t been weeded in a very long time, as evidenced by this book about Chinese scientists. I include a picture of the card pocket in the front because of the “two cents a day” fine that is mentioned.

Holly: It does say “ancient” right in the title… but there are too many references to “recent” times in this book. A new book on ancient Chinese science would be great, though!

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Behind the Great Wall interior

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    Unless the writing is well done, it is a safe scrap as much of what it covers is readily available on the web, and anything from the 1960’s on China of interest would come from a professional China watcher and not a SciFi writer who cranked them out so fast he must have had three typewriters in rotation with the repair shop;

    1. He wouldn’t be the first–Shadow author Walter Gibson had to have three so he could shift when one started sticking. But a lot of Silverberg’s work is excellent–and prolific writing is hardly proof he couldn’t have written a good book on China (though yeah, at this date still a weeder).

  2. If only the current rulers of China would explain to their people that eating bits of endangered species will not make you virile, then perhaps those species could cease to be endangered? The Chinese still need a lot more science and a lot less superstition in their lives.

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