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Complete Idiot's Guide to JavaScriptThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to JavaScript

Submitter: [Found] in a public library. Amazingly, it was checked out as recently as a year ago – I’m not a programmer but I suppose there’s still some valid information in there – still, we have plenty of more current titles on the topic. Time for this one to go! I love the terrible Cheers joke on the cover, especially considering that Cheers was cancelled three years before this book was published. Plus: Netscape! Windows 95! Dial-up! So much to love.

Holly: The Complete Idiot’s series are great, but like anything else they go out of date. Yes, there is probably some usefulness in the book, but if Submitter’s library has current titles on the topic, why are they keeping this?

Netscape Navigator

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  1. Actually, it’s not a Cheers joke. It’s a John Ratzenberger joke. He did play Cliff on Cheers, but he also did a Folger’s coffee ad campaign for several years, which is actually what they were riffing off of. The fact that I know this probably says something about me… Perhaps that I play too much bar trivia?

    1. To get really old school, we once secretly replaced someone’s chat conversation with ELIZA

  2. If it predates search engines (!), like that pic of NS2 suggests, its definitely “historical”.

    1. No, it didn’t predate search engines, not even close — those were around several years earlier. It’s just that we had to go to either the search engine’s site, or another page with a search box.

  3. Looking forward to coming back and reading all the nostalgia and terrible old programming jokes. Here, I’ll start. “I remember when all this was fields…”

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