America’s Oldest Teenager

Dick Clark grooming

Dick Clark’s Easygoing Guide to Good Grooming

Submitter: We decided to delete it from our collection because it didn’t seem relevant – even though Dick Clark still looks better than most of our patrons.

Holly: Ha ha!  Before his stroke, he was one of those people who never seemed to age at all, hence his nickname “America’s Oldest Teenager.”  He still looks pretty good!  This book has aged more than  he has.  Must be all that stationary bike riding.

“For now, Dick Clark…so long!”
Happy New Year!

Dick Clark on a bike



  1. I actually own a copy of this book (a gag gift from long ago) and one of my favorite things about it is to scan through and see that Dick Clark holds his head at the same angle in almost every single picture. Clearly not so easygoing as to be unaware of the best profile…..

  2. Ah, Dick Clark. Nice memories of New Year’s Eves past.

    And he rang in New Year’s Eve for about a century, so I’d take his advice!

  3. Seeing how many men think that pants worn with the waist of their pants around their knees I would’ve kept this book.

    Also I suddenly miss American Bandstand.

  4. I used to watch Dick Clark do New Year’s as a kid, and I was always extremely puzzled as to why everyone called him “the oldest teenager” and “practically ageless” because to my young eyes he always looked older than dirt!

  5. @Jami: You’re always posting about men wearing their pants hanging down to their knees. Where exactly are you living that all the men still walk around like that? Did the whole metrosexual movement completely pass you by?

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