Amazing Powers for the Girls

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The Bio-Imagery Method of Breast Enlargement & Waist Reduction

Remember our other book on using brain power to increase your bust size? Believe it or not, we have another title for your consideration.

Using the power of your brain, you can control your breast size. However, with great power comes great responsibility. So the first thing you should do with your exceptional powers is improve your boobs. Question: where is the book training men to increase the size of their body parts? Are the skills just available to women? Do they only work on breasts?

Please read the little imagery mantras about how your breast size can change you from a nothing to a confident woman. Extra points if you can read it without laughing.


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  1. This just sounds like Craig writing down his fantasies and calling it science.
    “Imagine big breasts. Visualize them. Now FEEL them with your mind. You’re really feeling them now. Imagine the warmth. . .”

  2. “People can learn to control their bodily functions” Yes, thank you, potty training works!

  3. OMG. Hilarious, sad and horrifying. Why would we gals want to put such imagined powers to anything but big boobs? Forget scientific breakthroughs, world peace, musical achievements, solving political messes, or feeding the starving masses. Maybe Craig was fantasizing about the Law of Attraction.

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