Always in Style

Always in Style coverAlways in Style with Color Me Beautiful

Submitter: Not sure which is more awful … that this book is still available at a library in our system or that one of my patrons requested it.

Holly: I think the “always” in the title is stretching it a bit! This book – this 1985 edition – is available at NINE libraries in Michigan. Whyyyyy?

The lady on the cover doesn’t actually look too bad, but I wonder what horrors await inside this thing? Anyone want to share some internal pics? (We’ll update the post if you do!) Also, I’m generally a fashion “don’t,” so don’t take my word for it that she doesn’t look bad…


  1. One good thing about this book, you can use it when there’s no toilet paper left in the world.

      1. Well, they’d probably clog the toilet or make your septic tank explode, anyway. Don’t need that on top all the horrors happening in the world. 🙁

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