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What Makes Me Feel This Way coverWhat Makes Me Feel This Way
Growing up with human emotions
Le Shan

Feelings are everywhere and you can’t stop them. Read the back cover and you can see that this is about accepting your feelings (and enjoying them!).  Not a whole lot of skills for coping with these feelings, but you do get to acknowledge they exist. I guess that should be something. Evidently Dad is upset about traditional gender norms being ignored, Tony thinks he is not “nice” because he is annoyed with the traffic guard for some reason, and Jimmy is embarrassed about sex. No advice on what to actually “do” with said feelings.

Well it is 2016 and I am still annoyed about people having to adhere to old fashioned gender roles, and I can’t always be “nice”. (Depending how long I am on the desk, I become less “nice” after about 7 hours.) I am also not embarrassed about sex, unless it is a patron telling me about his/her sex life (which actually happens more often than I like).  So, there you go. Life sometimes sucks, kids. Are you happy now?


What Makes Me Feel This Way back cover

When feelings are not allowed

Importance of being alone

feelings about being a boy or girl

being a boy or girl


  1. I hate how gender roles have hardly changed at all in modern times. If a girl cosplays, it’s cute, but if a guy cosplays he’s a creepy loser who lives in his mom’s basement. Female blondes are always seen as dumb. Only men can be pedophiles, and if it actually is a women it’s only when she’s really ugly that people care. Men can’t be virgins and must always be eager to have sex. If an online gamer is female she gets trolled and bullied or even sent death threats by male gamers. People don’t change at all. 🙁

  2. Yes, ‘Nice’ seems to go out the window after about the third patron saying “Why do I have to return this book? I need it longer! No one else could possibly want it!” *sigh*

  3. At least gender roles have never been a big deal in my family. My brother would rather hold an artist’s paintbrush than a football, and I much would rather hold a game controller than a baby. Our parents have no problem with that. 🙂

  4. Eda Le Shan: known to every cruciverbalist from the rock bound shores of Maine to the curvaceous slopes of California

  5. Maybe it’s me, but does anyone else have a problem with the boy masturbating at *eight* years old? Knowing where babies come from is one thing, but the other … ?
    I’m no prude, but surely that’s a bit young for that. Twelve, or even eleven, if he’s an early starter. Eight is just a child.

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