All the Cool Kids Customize!

Customizing Your Van coverCustomizing Your Van
Girdler, Revised by Caiati
3rd ed., 1986

Submitter: So, I was weeding our nonfiction collection today when I found this beauty.  I love this book so much, especially since it’s lived quietly on our shelf for lo these 26 years.  I particularly love the liberal use of shag carpeting and leopard print.  And who could forget the bitchin’ bikini babe?

Holly: It looks well-used, so maybe it’s only been quietly on the shelf lo these 20-or-so years.  That’s not much better. What a hoot, though!

tapestry for privacy

Executive van interior

Customized vans


  1. I wanted a van like this _so bad_ when I was in the 8th grade. In 1978. I’m surprised this book is from 1986. Customized vans were no longer cool by then.

  2. I… think I know the author of this book. He dated my mom when I was in high school…

    Ahh, my closest brush with fame. *wipes tears from his eye*

  3. How do I install my kid’s carseat on the “classic contoured crushed velvet couch”? I can’t wait to go reupholster my car in Naugahyde with imitation leopard skin!

  4. I just asked her.
    She said no, by the time this was printed (it was actually 1986 when they dated) all he had was a flatbed truck and a motorcycle.

  5. Well, if you wanted to customize up your Mystery Machine…

    “R-okay Raggy!” – Scooby

    “Like, zoinks!” – Shaggy

    “Jinkies!” – Velma

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