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Men in the Flying Saucers Identified: Not a Mystery

Huge thanks to @exlibris of The Little Big Blog for this amazing find.  While she didn’t find it in a library, rest assured that it is alive and well (ok, alive and awful) at various libraries out there.  My favorite holding is a Bible college in the midwest. Clearly, this fulfills their library’s mission in 2012. Or ever.

The subtitle proclaims that this is “Not a Mystery!”  Someone “went on board and talked to the men in the flying saucers” (page 10).  As it turns out, though, this was written by an Evangelical who denounces people who have had “experiences” with aliens.  He quotes people who have had these encounters and then tells us why they’re doomed to hell.

Hard core.  I guess maybe it does fulfill that Bible college’s mission!


PS. There’s a fantastic write-up of this book here that you won’t want to miss!


  1. Wow, that was indeed an amazing write-up. Interesting how the book apparently associates Communism with Hot Sex and Loose Morals.

  2. I once worked at a small Christian college in the Midwest. We had about 4 or 5 books on UFOs from the 1950s. I was in charge of weeding and inventory, but I couldn’t bring myself to weed them, they were just too darn cool, and I figured they should be available for ILL. Now you’ve gone and made me feel bad. Maybe I should have weeded them and then bought them from the book sale.

  3. Thank you so much for that link. I stumbled upon his column a few years ago and loved it…but forgot to bookmark it, then couldn’t remember the column name, author and everything else. I’ve searched for it several times with no luck.

  4. Methinks Mr Grant is secretly jealous of the flying saucer men. I certainly am, their society sounds swell. Everyone has a maid, but there’s no class distinction? Sounds like bliss.

  5. Is it terrible that my first thought seeing this was: “But where are the women? There always seem to be only men who visit earth in their flying saucers.”?

  6. Miss Pelling (cute!), don’t worry: the alien women are already down from the saucers and out on the town, having a terrific night life — go read the excerpts in the blog that was linked!

    I have to say this is one of the weirdest books I have ever encountered. It is espousing not one (godless commies!), not two (aliens are landing!), not three (plot to foist one-world government!) but uncountable wacko conspiracy theories — I bet there is a different one on each page. Love it.

  7. I love reading books or watching documentaries about flying saucers, the possibility of extraterrestrial life, etc.

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