Alien Hair

hair of the alien

Hair of the Alien
DNA and Other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abduction

Not gonna lie, I love this kind of stuff. I confess that I have had moments when I watched Ancient Aliens. (Of course, it was strictly as background noise.) Who wouldn’t want to look at a book called Hair of the Alien? All of this material has the added benefit of mortifying my scientist daughter when I invite her to talk about this stuff.

Validity aside, I think the library should have lots of weird things like a book on alien hair. I wouldn’t put it in the 500s, but the 000s are lots of fun and have room for this kind of material. I would also comment that of course the alien is female, naked, blonde, and “strikingly beautiful.” (I am sure I could prepare a lovely feminist diatribe on the issues if needed.)


alien dna back cover inside description evidence of abduction alien surgery artist's rendering of alien naked alien



    1. I was thinking infected spider or bug bite, but the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

  1. You kind of have to wonder what kind of experience(s) the author had with chemistry. . . . up close and personal, or the third kind?

    1. I’m thinking “Hair of the Dog”, which in British English means to keep drinking when you are hungover as a hangover cure!

  2. The incident described on the back cover doesn’t sound like an abduction, I would call it a booty call.

  3. When I saw the link at the top, I thought this was going to be for the LDS book a couple of days ago — now those people had alien hair!

  4. I love a bit of spooky-ooky nonsense (alien abductions, cryptozoology etc). They are such a fabulous load of rubish! This sounds (as all alien abductions sound) like a schitzophrenic hallucination.

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