ALB’s Holiday Romance Readers Advisory

Here at ALB we want you to get in the holiday spirit by offering you a few fiction choices. We have a delightful selection of some choices that will definitely combine holiday charm with romance. We have a nice selection of the familiar romantic tropes.

In The Christmas Husband, radio love doctor is facing a lonely Christmas when sad single dad shows up. Santa delivers with an instant family for our poor heroine.

In Yule Be Mine we have a more steamy (and kind of icky) leading lady getting busy with her ex-brother-in-law in magical Sedona, AZ. This should make Christmas dinner with family quite interesting.

What’s not to love in A Thousand Roses? This book has a nice Christmas carol vibe, including a nasty boyfriend named Ebeneezer. Add some pro wrestling and flower arrangements and you have the stuff of dreams.

God bless us, everyone!

Finally, as a Christmas bonus, enjoy some poetry. It even has a cat on the cover.

You’re welcome.

Peace, love, and stable library funding in 2020.

Mary and Holly

Christmas Husband cover

Dear Santa, I want a husband

Yule be mine cover

Yule Be Mine

A Thousand Roses cover

A Thousand Roses

Bonus Christmas Poetry!

Carols of Christmas cover

Groovy Poetry