ALB’s Best of 2022

We hope all of you had a lovely holiday break from the library grindstone. Holly and I are busy shoveling snow and complaining about sub zero temps here in Michigan. Our pickings are kind of thin this year, but we had a few standouts. Stay tuned for part 2.

Favorite Mormon Meat Recipes cover

Mormon Meats

Just in time for for the holidays! Celebrate your inner Mormon.

See the original post here.

How to Eat Like a Republican cover

Republican Cooking

It’s more than just right wings.

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Boating and Cooking cover

Misogyny Ahoy!

You get to “keep house” on a boat. Cuz chores on a boat are much more exciting.

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Gunshot Wounds cover

Gunshot Wounds

A request that should have been an ILL.

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turmoil in the toy box

Toys against God

Barbie, G.I. Joe, and Rainbow Brite are agents of the devil.

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    1. Something must have gone wrong with the links. I fixed a couple and it seems to be working now.
      Sorry about this!

  1. Another good (?) year. Mormon Meats still makes me laugh. A late arrival but very worthy.

    I’d mercifully forgotten about the potato wine and the satanic toys.

  2. Why did I have to find this BOOK (photograph)? I thought I had WEEDED (forgot) the past
    Now I’m slipping fast, back down memory lane
    I feel the happiness, I feel the pain
    Here am I, back down memory lane
    I’m in the sunshine, I’m in the rain
    I thought it was over, here I go again

    Minnie Riperton-Memory Lane

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