ALB is getting a little work done

My Beautiful Mommy cover

Did you know that ALB is almost 9 years old? In Internet years that is really OLD! So to make ourselves pretty, we are going to have a little work done. It’s still us, but shiny and enhanced for your pleasure.

In honor of our new look, we wanted re-post our favorite plastic surgery title from the archives. Yes, that really is a kids’ book about mommy having some work done. See the original post by clicking on the picture.

By the way, we know you are finding wild weeds.  Please consider sharing your finds with the class.

Mary and Holly


  1. “But you’re already the prettiest website in the world!”

    Here’s hoping you go with the Jane Fonda (tasteful, exceedingly well-done) instead of the Burt Reynolds (now of indeterminate species). Of course, being the loving, devoted readers that we are, we promise to give you a few moments to recover from your ‘surgery’…and then will rip you apart, in that loving way that only the internet can. 🙂

  2. As long as it’s not Micheal Jackson’s surgery I don’t really mind. Still too soon?

  3. I can understand the intent of the author and illustrator in trying to explain to children why some people get plastic surgery, even if its only for aesthetic purposes only. I think it could have been approached better the topic with giving multiple examples of why people have plastic surgeon , such as recovering from accidents or health reasons. The mother character in “My Beautiful Mommy” reasoning for getting the surgery is rather meh :/ to her being insecure/shallow about her looks.

    1. Plus the mother isn’t that “bad” looking to begin with. Maybe if the illustration made the mother chubbier, it would make her reasoning for getting the surgery abit more understandable. :/.

      1. I think that’d send an awfully bad message about body image and eating disorders etc. as American society has bizarre notions about what constitutes “chubby.”

        1. I do agree that people can go overboard or get unnecessary plastic surgery that does more harm than help. But I do think its necessary sometimes, especially with health. I agree what chubby and fat can vary between cultures, but if that weight is affecting the person’s well-being, weight loss diet and/or surgery would be considered under the guidance of responsible healthcare workers.

        1. Unless you weigh so much to the point of being morbidly obese , then the “cute” factor will do nothing to pass it off as being acceptable. Plus, the health problems with being very fat can devastating to a person later on in life.

  4. If your library doesn’t already own this book, budget constraints might be an even better excuse than they were 9 years ago. Amazon currently offers used copies starting at–wait for it–$11,324.40.

    But the reviews are still splendid.

  5. I remember this from the first time round. It must be the most offensive children’s book ever written that was not authored by Doris Sanford.

  6. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    Your site is a wonderful example to the general public about what librarians really do. It’s also great fun for librarians.

    Keep up the good work. You’re the cookies with my morning coffee.

  7. Congrats on becoming Internet Ancient! If you do have “work” done (on the site! on the site!), please go easy on the embedded rhinestones in the eyelids.

  8. Congratulations on the new look! As someone who reads this on a laptop, the layout is is rather confusing, and I keep having to go back and forth and then down if I want to read in order. But I don’t worry much about order, so it’s fine.

  9. I guess this must be the point at which the navigation turned itself inside out, so that to go forward now one clicks on the LEFT title link, while to go back, one clicks on the RIGHT?

    It’s OK, I am used to it now, but it seems an odd choice.

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