ALB Best of the Worst 2014 – What Were They Thinking?

As we wrap up 2014, for our final list of the worst, we have some titles and cover art that have left us wondering what were these people thinking? I think that just about everything is represented here. We have a couple science fiction covers that will blow your mind, x-rated breads, and gay wrestling. I also included the Nuclear War Fun book as it was one of my favorites. Finally, our last selection is the Royal Knits book. Knitters, I think the skill is impressive, but why?

We look forward to another year of awfulness with all of you. 2014, we are glad you are done.

Peace, Love, and Libraries for 2015

Mary and Holly

Bread Sculpture

Bread Sculpture (NSFW)

Wrestling for Gay Guys cover

Wrestling for Gay Guys

Nuclear War Fun Book cover

Nuclear War Fun Book

stress pattern cover

Stress Pattern

Timepivot cover


Royal Knits cover

Royal Knits


  1. I’m determined to get a copy of that bread book as a gag gift for my sister in law. She once crocheted a wiener – she’d definitely make something from it.

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