ALB Best of the Worst 2014: Kids and Parents

To kick off our Worst of 2014 posts, we are focusing on those books that would be likely to “interest” kids and parents. Our friend Doris had a banner year on this site with quite a few selections. I think she will always be a permanent fixture in our hall of fame. For your convenience, Holly and I started a category called The Doris Hall of Infamy. I urge you to use caution with this category as too much Doris can warp your sense of reality.¬†We also included Jennifer Jean, the Cross Eyed Queen in this line up. (I think this author¬†must be friends with Doris.)

My favorite is the Saturday Morning Mind Control book with the premise that those cartoons like Care Bears, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Casper the friendly ghost are responsible for brainwashing children into a life of evil.

Finally, I had to include the Dolls From Hell book because they just creep me out.

Tomorrow: We will be featuring some of the worst advice found @yourlibrary.

Saturday Morning Mind Control

Jennifer Jean the Cross Eyed Queen

Don't Look at Me cover

For Your Own Good cover

Doll Making cover


  1. You did it! You finally created a page all to the most WTF-worthy author of our generation. Nice name you picked for it too. If I’d made it, I would’ve probably called it The Sanford Files or just Sanford for an air of mystery, but The Doris Hall of Infamy is even better. Can’t wait to see part 2 of this list.

  2. I don’t know what year the “Cross-eyed” book was written, but I suspect it’s better than it looks. There is absolutely no comparison between Naylor and Doris Sanford, as Naylor is a Newbery-winning author.

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