Ah-One, Ah-Two!

Lawrence Welk covers

Ah-One, Ah-Two: Life with My Musical Family
Welk with McGeehan

My America, Your America
Welk with McGeehan

Submitter: Here are two of the four Lawrence Welk biographies in our collection. The full color foldout of the whole cast is my favorite.

Holly: There is a special place in my heart for Lawrence Welk. My dad was a high school band director, and the Lawrence Welk show was shown faithfully in my house every week of my childhood, without fail. (So was Hee-Haw. My dad is “well-rounded” fellow.) I can see having a Lawrence Welk biography (if it still circulates) in a public library, but four is pushing it.

License Plate A1 An A2

Lawrence Welk as a hippie

Lawrence Welk with children

Lawrence Welk with Hawaiians

Hotsy Totsy Boys

travelling piano

yellow dresses and blue suits

Gail and Myron

dancing with girl



  1. There were a lot of Lawrence Welk questions in the game Trivia Pursuit from the 80’s. My grandparents must have seen ever episode. With out a doubt, they knew every answer to my Dad’s chagrin.

  2. I don’t feel as kindly toward Mr. Welk. While I don’t remember how my parents and grandparents managed it, I found myself somehow forced into watching the show that I found hokey even at a young age. I also remember that Lawrence Welk jokes and parodies were all the rage at school. A one, two, three and turn on the bubble machine.

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