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You Can Afford a Beautiful Wedding

I’m going to go out on limb and say this book is pretty outdated. I am sure anyone who has hosted a wedding in the last decade would stroke out on some of the prices quoted. For today’s modern brides and grooms, this book is useless. I am not even sure that many brides and grooms would consider a book as a source for wedding information. I think most brides and grooms tend to hit websites like Pinterest and The Knot for wedding planning.

From what I hear from friends, a cheap wedding can cost more than a new car. I think I would rather have the car.


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  1. There were two Weddings in our family in 1983 so I think I may have a bit to say about this book.

    One Wedding was between the 20 year-old son of my cousin and his 19 year-old Bride. Neither of them had ever held a decent job or a prospect of one but she had a gigantic dress with a big picture hat. They also had six Bridesmaids, six Groomsmen, a five-tiered cake and a sit-down dinner for 200 people. A look at this book could have saved them a lot of grief. As it was, the debt for the Wedding lasted longer than the marriage.

    We were in our 30s when we married. We were making decent money and could afford a nice party for our 60 Wedding guests.

  2. An inexpensive wedding neednโ€™t cost as much as a new car. We were married in the summer of 2012, had a lovely wedding at home and it cost us $500.

  3. That’s fine if you *want* to get married. When I said I’d rather the car, I meant I’d rather have than the marriage, let alone the wedding. ๐Ÿ™‚

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