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Submitter: Just why does this fit on your site and no longer on our shelves? Well, in part because we do not have a cultural appropriation/desecration section. Maybe it’s the suggestion of recreating a traditional drawing as a father’s day present, or use of language (see text in the attachment labelled “Aboriginal – baby”) I haven’t heard since Evan Mecham was run out of office, but I just can’t think of this as something belonging in the 745.5s.

Holly: There is a difference between books that celebrate a culture – and their traditional arts and crafts – and those that over time become caricatures. Terminology and ethnocentrism have to be considered, 45 years later.

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Father's Day Card





    1. The most recently I saw that word published was in the Foxfire book, and it was a quotation from a then-elderly man. So HTH it ended up in Astralia in the first place in 1974 I don’t know. Good thing to weed.

    1. That’s how British/Australian English says what Americans call “greeting cards.”

  1. They even manage to make a mythological creatures into a racist caricature! I am not a SJW but damn!! This book needs to go. Bad book! Bad!

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