A Woodward Dream Cruise Special

Model T and A coverModels T and A Ford Cars

Submitter: This might possibly be the oldest book submitted to your site.  While I have seen some antique cars here and there, particularly during parades or fairs, I am guessing there is a more up-to-date book on how to care for a car like this.  This book should probably be in a library’s historical collection rather than shoved in the stacks.

Holly: Ooooh, there are some librarians here in the Detroit area absolutely salivating over this book! The Benson Ford Research Center would love to have this. In fact, any number of Dream Cruisers would dig this too. Yes, a historical collection would be the best place for it. It looks like it’s about to bite the dust, doesn’t it? That would be a travesty. Please do send this to Detroit! We’ll find a good home for it!



another diagram

announcement from the publisher

Model T and A - preface

Treasury of Early American Automobiles


  1. WOW! I know a few libraries here in Boston who would love it!
    I’d send it to the bindery and keep it , but only if there is demand for this in your library.

  2. Gee, I wonder if I can still order The Treasury of Early American Automobiles and Those Wonderful Old Automobiles?

  3. I guess people in Michigan already know what the headline is referring to? The rest of us I guess have to Google “Woodward Dream Cruise” to find out.

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