A Well Mannered Boy

Stand Up, Shake hands, Say How do you DoStand Up, Shake Hands, Say “How Do You Do”
Young and Buchwald

And we have another youth nonfiction book on etiquette.  I am so glad the library involved sent it to the bindery back in the day.  Of course any etiquette book that doesn’t address the new technologies is almost worthless.  Does it have place somewhere?  Sure, send it to an archive so we can preserve the memories those bygone days when people were polite. I do enjoy the etiquette lesson on “towel snapping”.


the right look


locker room manners


  1. Good to know that mutual towel-snapping is acceptable! I know that many guys faithfully consult etiquette manuals as they unwind from a tough day on the field.

  2. Copies of this book were offered gratis to various Young Republican organizations in 1969, but they were rejected for being too anal-retentive.

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