A Visit from Aunt Flo

The Menstrual Cycle cover
The Menstrual Cycle: An essential guide for women and men

Submitter: To my great horror, we just found this gem on our shelves and we are a mid-sized public library in the midwest. How it eluded weeding prior to this, I’ll never know. It was probably a frank discussion on a topic that had little data for its time, but now that it’s 43 years old, it’s wayyyy past time to go. Yes, our periods have not changed much, but the Pill was still a new thing when this book was written and the cavalier attitudes about injecting women with hormones for the most trivial of reasons is rather frightening. I especially loved how I could change my cycle so it wouldn’t interfere with my vacation! Or how one shot of progesterone would turn me into the woman that my husband married (What? I’ll lose 40 pounds and my grey hair will disappear?).

This author is apparently British, and there are many references to studies of girls in boarding schools, and how their period affects their school performance. I’m picturing a horrible Miss Minchin forcing scores of English schoolgirls to document their monthly cycles while eating lumpy porridge.

Holly: <Eye roll> This is awful. Teens are most likely to check out something like this, and the cover is just too dumb to ever get their attention.  As a 38-year-old woman, I wouldn’t be caught dead with this book either.  I mean, a big red circle over the abdomen of a female figure drawn poorly?  I especially love the section on “Women at Work.”</Eye roll>

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Treatment of Premenstrual Syndrome

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  1. This is definitely an easy weeder. The whole women at work section gets my dander up, but I do have to give the author kudos for envisioning a female astronaut in 1969. Technically, women have been in space since 1963 thanks to the Soviet Union, but there were no American female astronauts until Sally Ride in 1983. Two steps forward, one step back?

  2. So my poor exam results may have been a result of taking them on my period? And I should have given some thought to timing those examinations better? “Sorry, Mr. Algebra Teacher, I will be on my period that week. I have to reschedule my exams.”

    And at work, its a handicap? Having been through menopause, I should be at the top of my mental game then!

  3. I actually do love how you can change your cycle with the pill so it won’t interfere with a vacation. When you’re in an unfamiliar place, you don’t know what your bathroom access will be, you might not have good laundry facilities, and you might be walking around quite a bit, getting sweaty in the summer. And if you suffer from cramps, you might prefer not to have them when you’re supposed to be having fun.

  4. British industry loses 120 million working days a year due to the menstrual problems of 8 million women employees? Just think how much more productive they would be with just men in the workforce.

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