A Surge of Serger Crafts

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Distinctive Serger Gifts and Crafts
Baker and Young

I have always been a bit fascinated by a serger or overlock machine. For those not in the cult of fabric, a serger finishes seams but also cuts the fabric. They look kind of cool with all the spools of thread and they usually have a neat finish to the seams. As a sewing hack, I have always wanted one. Serger-related materials are definitely worth collecting. I probably would have bought this (back in the day) based on the title alone.

However, I am a little disappointed in the crafts. There really isn’t anything that can be reproduced with a sewing machine just as well. Also, they aren’t even that clever as crafts and maybe stray toward the “unnecessarily crafted.” (This is what I call a craft that exists for a particular function where it is not needed. Examples: milk carton lamp, ad lib scrap plaques, dolls made of apples. ) The most interesting ones are featured below. I only included the sport towel craft because it looked like a guy was wearing a really disturbing halter top.

I am not a big fan of the illustrations either. Again, see guy wearing halter top. Since this book assumes some skill with a serger, the instructions are probably okay. I think it was a mediocre purchase at best in the 1980s. In 2020, weed it with gusto.


back cover

tent cover

pink stuff

sport towel


ring pillow

baby bag


  1. I don’t see anything here that my mom couldn’t have done with her trusty sewing machine.

    However, as she was a woman of exquisite taste, I do see a lot she wouldn’t have done!

    I’m a little scared of the bows.

    And if the sporty man has pockets already, why does he need the terry cloth halter top? Particularly as it will lead to guffaws from the other guys in the locker room.

      1. No, he’s definitely topless except for the halter top. It does look like he’s wearing it with dress pants, though.

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