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complete guide for the working mother

The Complete Guide for the Working Mother

This book is handy for all those women with money, household help, resources, etc. Even for 1967, this book is out of touch. Even though it probably only applies to less than 1% of working mothers, it does assert that household chores are not the sole responsibility of the mother and that parenting is a family responsibility. I think the author is trying hard to talk about some equality and parenting issues, but not quite ready to take it up a notch. Given the 1967 publication date, that is hardly surprising.

The does say that women can put themselves first. It also advocates for women to take finances seriously. A nice thought, but hardly a real option to lower income mothers. Again, like most of the books about working mothers, there is an assumption of resources, such as hired help, money and time for vacations, etc. Wage inequalities are not addressed. Forget about even mentioning people of color. Maybe this book would work for some upscale suburban consciousness raising group or maybe a book club in the late 1960s, but hardly anywhere else.

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  1. Any mother can work — as long as she’s got another (poorer) woman to do the all housewife stuff.

    Yeah thanks Mrs. Captain Obvious.

    And page 213 literally says “It’s so hard to find good help these days”!

    This is a companion piece with that “Spanish for talking to maids” book.

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