A Spinster Saved by Love

Spinster's Song romance cover

Spinster’s Song

We haven’t had a romance or a “friday fiction” post in a while. Here is your fix for the week. This story is about a doctor named Mary, evidently destined for spinsterhood. Of course there is a the local playboy Rafe and he starts putting the moves on our poor, love starved doctor. Of course he gets the girl and it is more than a casual affair. But I bet you knew that.



Spinster's Song back cover

Story Blurb "He Set Her From Him.."

Spinster's song novel interior text


  1. The bit about the local herbalist sounds uncomfortably like the racist witch-doctor figure in some old movies (“The white man’s medicine will anger the spirits! You must come to me for all your health-related concerns!”)

    1. I was willing to let it slide until I saw the interior page describing the receptionist and her ‘gloriously kinky’ hair. I mean, at least it’s a positive reference to black women’s hair, but could it be more objectifying!?

  2. Is the curandera named Ultima because Rafe Anaya and Rudolfo Anaya are awfully similar. I feel a ship forming. Does anyone else ship authors? LOL

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