A Sewing Reference

sewing made easy cover

Sewing Made Easy
1986 (original copyright 1950)

On a good day, I am awesomely mediocre at sewing. Actually, my ability to craft anything is pretty mediocre. Sewing was a requirement for girls in my junior high school days. This book was probably made for people like me. I liked sewing, but not enough to get super proficient at the skill. Having a book like this was great to refer to some of the more rigorous projects as well as some easy home d├ęcor. This book was built as a basic reference for the average housewife.

This book still has merit, aside from the ugly curtains portrayed below. Technology has improved the capability of sewing machines and there are more options in fabric and notions. However, the basics of clothing construction and other sewing projects really haven’t changed. I know many sewing people that are happily working on old machines. With proper care, these old mechanical machines can last an eon or two. I would weed this one though in my public library. There are many great modern “how to sew” books as well as a huge amount of video that would probably work well for instruction.

It’s not as attractive, and won’t address the more computerized machines or sergers, but it is a decent reference if that is all you can manage.


inside flap sewing

facings and hems

sewing curtains


  1. Thankfully I too got my sewing requirement over with in junior high, where the grades do not go on your Permanent Record. Although the backpack with the terrible stitching did last me through high school — though I wouldn’t be surprised if Mom had surreptitiously fixed it a bit with her mad skillz.

  2. Window valences ought to be suppressed by operation of law or dictate of fashion. Which means that I don’t like them. I can’t figure out 544 on 369. It looks like something Lady Gaga would have?

  3. After designing and sewing awesome matching cafe curtains, blinds and valances for my kitchen windows in the ’80s I was proud.

    They were all lost in a fire, along with the book that taught me how to make them. Probably for the best.

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