A Real Woman

How to be a successful housewife/writerHow to be a Successful Housewife/Writer
Fantle Shimberg

Submitter: Why is it awful? 1. The gendering of housework. 2. Questioning whether women would really want to write. 3. Keeping your hubby happy?!? Why the hell can’t he handle his own happiness and his own laundry and kids. [Found in a community college library]

Holly: Whyyyy? Why in the world would any library have this on their shelf in 2018? Please, someone, explain this to me.

Mary: This reminds me of a television commercial from the late 1970s for a Enjoli Perfume. Evidently, a real woman can do it all. The rest of you are slackers.

housewife/writer back cover

How to do housework faster

Are you sure you want to be a writer?


  1. I love the “if you have to dust, water, polish or feed it, you don’t need it” part. That’s pretty much how I live my life. Otherwise, the book is terrible.

  2. If you have to feed it you don’t need it? Does that include pets? And children?? I really don’t believe the former is accurate.

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