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how to decorate without going broke

How to Decorate Without Going Broke
Woman Alive

If this book looks a bit familiar, it is another one of the Women Alive series. We have featured this one about crafts and this one (my personal favorite) about understanding your man. Now you can add decorating to this list. Collect all three and you are well on your way to being a fulfilled woman. Try not to stare directly at some of the rooms, you might feel a bit dizzy or nauseous. The only thing that would make this book better would be playing Partridge Family music while you work.



green livingroom

yellow bedroom


living room



  1. What to make fun of first, the insane amount of sickly yellow or the guy with the Bob Ross haircut?

  2. Good that there was a warning beforehand! My goodness gracious, what ghastly ideas/photos! I can’t decide which is the worst — the “Danish” bed-living area on page 66 with Richard Simmons apparently inhabiting it, the room on page 41 that has seemingly parasitized the young woman (where the text also notes that “Your husband may be transferred several times by his company before you can settle down…), or the page 100 wraparound inferno design. Which actually is kind of an interesting idea — just not in those shrieking hot colors.

    And those doors — ugh. And is she really painting in that cute yellow miniskirt, and is the one on the cover really putting wallpaper over wallpaper? Is this the Onion?

  3. I always dress up in a primary-colored skirt and top outfit when I paint walls (when I’m not dressing to match slipcovers, that is!). (And how did Richard Simmons find his way into this book?)

  4. Oh, my, Oh, my, Oh, my!!! I grew up in the ’50’s and ’60’s and was a young adult in the early ’70’s and remember all this early ’70’s decorating. I can’t believe that we ever thought it was cool! The “mid-century modern” look from the mid ’50’s to mid ’60’s is making a comeback and it’s very attractive, even in a kitschy kind of way. BUT—-there’s no way this type of decor is EVER going to look good! (ps–I’m amazed that the woman wearing yellow didn’t disappear into that all-yellow room!)

  5. I had the green couch, but in orange (2nd hand from a friend). It was so well made, it lasted forever.
    I also had the orange shag carpeting when renting in Niantic, CT.
    AND I still have the Partridge Family game‚Äč!

  6. I like yellow, but not as much as the woman in the yellow room does.

    I hope the decorators are home owners. Because if they’re renters, nobody’s getting back their security deposit.

  7. The green wall with the fake fireplace in the middle is… just weird. And that guy with the Bob Ross hair needs to get his coffee cup off that white striped couch and away from that white rug ASAP!

    I do like the “doing more with less” approach, but this is way too much “more”.

  8. This book is proof that drugs cause long-term brain damage. That’s the only explanation for the godawful interior decorating trends of the seventies. After all, that crap started right after the hippie era….

  9. Did the dog die after the picture on page 67 was taken? She appears to be squeezing the life out of him and he looks panicked.

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