A Pregnant Pause

well pregnancy book

Well Pregnancy Book
Samuels and Samuels

Insider gossip from ALB: I am going to be a grandma this summer. I keep thinking that I am not old enough, but my family assures me, I am. Because of this I started looking at pregnancy books. (Side note: as tempting as it was to create a annotated bibliography on pregnancy and childcare, and discuss it with my son and daughter-in-law, I refrained, because I don’t want to be THAT person.)

That said, pregnancy books should be treated like medical information and updated regularly. This example was found in a smallish public library. Also it looked to be in great shape. (After a certain age a book should look used, if it looks too new, it was either added by a library not paying attention or it was crappy in the first place.) Also there is a newer edition from 1996. By the way, the 1996 edition is also weed worthy.

Take a look at the pregnancy books at your library and make sure the books are up to date. We librarian grandmas are watching.


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birth preparation exercise

birth preparation exercise



  1. Mazel tov, Mary and family!

    Protip: if the person who’s pregnant is younger than the book, it’s out of date.

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