A Parent Alone

Parent Alone coverA Parent Alone

Submitter: This was an excellent choice for this public library, which is settled in a very Catholic neighborhood. But that was 40+ years ago and its days are over. Most of the financial advice and information is way out of date. Some of the terminology is no longer accurate. It may not be awful, but the subject is topical, and we need to keep these sections of our library up to date, something this book can no longer do.

Holly: Nice cover. Single parenting is a walk in the park! Or, apparently it was 40+ years ago.

Parent Alone Introduction

Good News Bad News Scale

You and Sex


  1. Gosh. That type treatment on the cover. I keep reading it as “Pantaloon.”

  2. Damn! “Places where a mother had so many lovers her children had to be taken away and put in foster homes”??

    What the hell is this? A George Orwell novel?

    1. That one (of the 3 given) struck me about the same way as you, it seems. Best guess is that she was “seeing” them so much that her children were being actually neglected. Not clear if that, something else, or the Powers that Be were scandalized and took them because of it.

    2. I hope that was a euphemism for “she was a hooker who brought johns to the house and serviced them in front of the kids”.

      But that’s not the same as “too many lovers”, even in 1978.

  3. Its sad that some libraries think this will help people with a difficult issue. If they cant afford a new book, at least get rid of the ones that aren’t helpful and only waste a patrons time!

  4. Seeing as this book appears to be written from a Catholic perspective, I’m guessing that their response to “You and Sex” is “Don’t have it, until you marry(if single)or your marriage is annulled and you have remarried in the Church(divorced).

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