“A Neurotic Illness”


Disease or a Way of Life

Another evils of homosexuality book. We have published quite a few over the years, including this horrible picture book. This one is worse as it is buried in unsubstantiated “scientific” claims. His “expert” opinion is buried under anecdotes and pyscho-speak that would scare anyone into thinking that every gay person is out there recruiting YOUR child into this evil lifestyle. I think this is outrageous, even for 1956, although I shouldn’t be surprised, since many of the books we have featured have trotted out many of the same arguments.

Extra credit for the use of the term: “hypersuperciliousness”.


what is a homosexuality

what makes a homosexuality

what makes a homosexual



  1. A (supposedly) non-fiction book published in 1956 is a definite weed, unless you’re maintaining a specialized archive.

  2. This book is just one big hot steaming potful of hate, both for homosexual people *and* for people who are mentally ill.

  3. HAHA that was comedy gold. Mr A talked a lot of good sense, shame his dreadful psychiatrist refused to see it.

    1. Crap like this I bet is a big part of why so many people absolutely refuse to consider seeing a MH practitioner, even if they are in dire straits.

    2. I thought it was rather telling that his list of traits homosexuals had in common largely consisted of signs that they all thought he was a dick.

  4. The only place I could see this book would be in an LGBT archive. It’s ghastly but many things were ghastly back then,

  5. Most of the men I know who “find girls boring and stupid” are straight as rulers.

  6. Judging by the two “male” symbols on the cover he seems to think only men are “homosexuals”? … Oh, I see: ‘for lesbians, see Chapter 11’. Sexist

  7. “First, there are no bisexuals. If there were, at least half of my arguments would’t make any sense. They obviously do, so Q. E. D.”
    Hard to believe that it could get much worse than that, but here it is.

  8. Funny- it turns out homophobia and a history of abuse tend to make you neurotic, flippant about ‘serious’ subjects, and compulsively untruthful because you’re afraid you’re gonna get your bum handed to you for Being Yourself. Who knew?

  9. Vile. I would definitely withdraw it from general circulation, where someone (probably older) might pick it up thinking it was authoritative or something.

  10. Oh boy! And with a huge dose of bi erasure added in just for fun…. it’s so much fun to have your very existence questioned, aside from the debate of whether to put you in prison or the psych ward. 🙁

  11. And maybe another half point for drawing everyone’s eye to the word “sextet”…

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