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Find a Career in Engineering

Long time site followers have probably heard over the years that both Holly and I are married to engineers. If you want to watch an engineer twitch, tell him/her about your average reference desk shift. Holly and I have a running gag about how long our super-smart, logical engineers would last on a reference desk. Answer: Not long.The frustration level would kill them.

I am also going guess that this book was hardly instrumental in inspiring either of them toward their chosen career. (For my husband and his contemporaries, I would bet it was Scotty from Star Trek.)

I will give this book some props for mentioning that women should be part of the engineering landscape as well. People of color are no where to be found.

Career books are also my hot button weeding problem. It’s a nice glimpse into the past, but shouldn’t be considered for young people looking for career advice.


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  1. I wholeheartedly endorse all career books-related comments here on ALB.

    I did, however, invest in a set of these DK books (URL below) for the school counselor to use with students. It has nice groupings of jobs, and the info seems designed for much greater utility than, for example, a stereotypical gem I found in our stacks about being a school secretary. Ugh. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24326516-careers

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