A Mime Two-fer

Be a Mime - cover

Be a Mime

Submitter: I have another mime book that I found at my local library. Although the print date is 2001, the photos look like the 1970’s. Unlike Mary, I am not disturbed by clowns and mimes. However this book gave me a case of the shakes.

Holly: We’ve had a plethora of mime and clown books submitted recently. Rather than inundate you with mime and clown posts, I decided to combine two good ones. (And by good I mean awful.)

This submitter is a regular at ALB, and I have to say his/her library has a LOT of mime and clown books. What’s going on over there? This one fools you into thinking it will be colorful and modern, but then you open it and realize it’s all black and white images. Bummer.

Mary: <cowers under reference desk>

Be a Mime - back cover

Inclination Sequence and Rotation Sequence

The Traffic Cop

Walking Your Dog

The Mime Book - coverBonus Mime book!

The Mime Book
1988, 2nd ed.

Submitter: First apologies to Mary for this submission. This was living in my local public library. I am not sure how current mime books need to be. This one is from 1988 and has some pretty poor quality photos in it. But we made sure to scan the best!

Holly: Oh goody, another penciled-up, black-and-white photo mime book. Could someone please write a glossy, color-photo mime book? If it is truly the art form these books make it out to be, it deserves better treatment. No one is enticed to try it out or take it seriously with these old, boring books.


The Mime Book - back cover

Underlined passages

The Face

Young hood and Mother Fox

The Teacher

Figurative Mime. The Sun.


  1. You can get arrested for impersonating a traffic cop like that – not to mention run over by a car because you’re standing in the middle of the street!

      1. No, the old style Checker cab makes it look that way, but the other cars are from the ’70s onward.

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