A Man Explains Women’s Lib to the Guys

male guide to women's liberation

Male’s Guide to Women’s Liberation

This book is interesting and it seems surprisingly insightful. Marine wrote for the Nation and Ramparts Magazine on social justice topics. This is probably a good pick for a research/academic library but for public libraries, not so much. Old timers my age might find it somewhat interesting. I could make a point about the fact that I feel like I have been discussing this for most of my life and progress is not coming as fast as I would like. #oldfeminist


male guide to women's liberation front flap


  1. “Can men know what liberated women really want?” Sure, they could start by listening. But I guess some needed to hear it from other men to take it seriously.

  2. “Gene Marine” sounds like a name for a groovy sea captain in a 1970s children’s show. “Cap’n Gene Marine and his Sailin’ Equality Machine.”

  3. This one could be really good (but outdated) or really bad (and cringe-worthy) — I was really hoping for some excerpts.

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